one of the most frequently asked questions by parents when considering an independent education is “how much is this going to cost?”


for many families, an independent school education represents a significant investment in their children's future. we believe that brainerd baptist school’s unique educational philosophy, that stresses both critical and creative thinking as well as the spiritual development of our students, helps to develop well-rounded children whose academic success continues on to the best middle and high schools in the chattanooga area. 

independent schools are nonprofit institutions that are primarily supported through tuition payments, charitable contributions, and endowment income. independent schools are private learning institutions that offer significant benefits to students such as smaller class sizes, individualized focus, and a rich fine arts program in a well rounded christian environment. these benefits oftentimes come at a premium price.

at brainerd baptist school, we are committed to offering a comprehensive academic program at a value that is affordable for families. tuition varies among the independent schools in the chattanooga area. when comparing these varying tuitions, it is important to factor in the costs of additional fees. some schools add extra fees for textbooks, activities, testing, technology, materials and other items onto their tuition. at brainerd baptist school, tuition includes books, field trips, materials, state of the art technology, and may even include lunch if the parent chooses.

we have heard great things from friends and colleagues about brainerd baptist. we have been very impressed with the structure and teacher to student ratio even at the young pre-k ages. the school has an outstanding reputation for preparing students for some of the best high schools in our area. we also live very close to the school which is a nice bonus.
— current bbs parent

the two priorities that we use to determine our tuition are:

  • retaining, recruiting and compensating exemplary faculty

  • improving and innovating an academic and co-curricular program that is consistent with an excellent, christian elementary foundation.

tuition – (2020-2021)

3 year old kindergarten (t/th)                               $4,540.00                                 
3 year old kindergarten (m/w/f)                            $6,440.00                                        
3 year old kindergarten (m - f)                               $7,870.00                                 
4 year old kindergarten (m/w/f)                            $6,440.00                           
4 year old kindergarten (m - f)                               $7,870.00                     
5 year old kindergarten                                            $10,180.00                                 
1st – 5th grade                                                     $10,660.00

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the admission process

we understand that finding the right school can turn into an overwhelming experience! our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. below you will see how the admission process at brainerd baptist school works.  if you have any questions about the school or about the process, please feel free to contact us either by email or by calling 423-622-3873.

1. request information – we will provide you with a digital admissions packet that provides more detailed information about our programs. you may request information by clicking here.

2. tour the school – this is the most important step in the process. you will take a tour of our campus, and meet with our head of school who will share our philosophy of education and see what makes our school so special. tours typically take about 1 hour. for families entering k3, k4, or k5 we prefer to do the tour in the morning hours so you can see the students in the classroom environment. we also recommend that children not attend the tour as we have a special time planned for them when they come to complete the screening process or on their shadow day (students entering 2nd-5th grades). call (423-622-3873) or email to schedule.

3. apply for admission – parents begin this process after they have completed a tour of the school. the process is all done online. step by step instructions will be provided. parents will pay the $75 application fee in this step. to begin the application for admission please click here.

a desire for top-notch academics is a given. what uniquely captured our hearts at brainerd baptist was: research-based decisions in every element of education; a christian worldview in every discipline; a skilled staff who respects and loves their students; a smart approach to technology (integrating it when it makes sense instead of adding it on as an afterthought); a small, elementary-only environment.
— current bbs parent