new for 2020: “the hub”


in fall of 2020, we completed the most significant construction project in our school’s 67 year history. this project included moving and updating our administrative offices, creating a new student health center, putting our 1st grade classrooms on the second floor, creating an upper school office, and last but not least, constructing the hub.

this area houses our new library, state of the art stem lab, and our learning center. we are calling this space “the hub” because we visualize it being the center of learning on our campus. it has been designed as a creative space where blended, innovative and collaborative learning takes place each day. our students will get to experience design thinking, storytelling, discovery learning, and so much more! the wall between our library and stem lab is retractable so that the worlds of learning can collide and meaningful learning can take place!

the hub was made possible through the generosity of several bbs families and school wide fundraisers. it has been somewhat of a massive undertaking but the effort has well been worth it! our students benefit daily from this space!

a gallery of pictures is below. scroll through and explore!