virtual learning @ bbs

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as we continue to prepare for the opening of the new school year, we understand that covid-19 has certainly had an impact on how we are approaching the new year. one of the questions i have been asked is, “what options do we have if we do not yet feel comfortable with our child returning to class on august 19th?” we have worked very hard to create a virtual learning option for our families. this will look significantly different than the distance learning that our teachers did back in the spring. we will be sending additional information to those families who choose to begin school with our virtual learning option.

we have purchased technology that will enable our students to virtually attend their classes. it will be a live experience where they will be able to see the class (and the class will see them as well) and also hear and participate in the learning experience. each grade level will have a specific schedule for students to follow that will align with their normal school schedule. our desire is to create a virtual experience that closely resembles the amazing experience that brainerd baptist school students experience each day. it will be important for students to have a designated space with minimal distractions. teachers will also be taking attendance each day (additional guidelines will be communicated later). when possible, we will include fine arts classes throughout the day. additionally, unlike some other schools, our parents will be able to alternate between the two options.

sean corcoran