technology is ingrained in everything we do. it's how we look up information. it's how we communicate. it's how we shop. it's how we apply for schools. it's how we watch tv. it's how we download the latest novels to our e-book reader. 

at brainerd baptist school, we  strive for our use of technology to be both intentional and purposeful. do we believe technology helps engage students? absolutely! do we want them staring at chromebooks or ipads all day? absolutely not! we believe in using the good of technology without overloading students with screen time. we are especially aware of this in younger grades. 

we have 10+ ipads in every classroom that students use to conduct research, interact with our curriculum in a digital format, take reading comprehension tests, and various other learning activities. in our 4th and 5th grades,  students use ipads to complete their standardized testing. ipads are also integrated during our 4cs program as our 4th and 5th grade students. take on a variety of coding activities and challenges. 

technology is a tool for our teachers, but it's not meant to be used as a time-waster or busywork. we believe in the value of technology just as much as we do working in with the physical world. while we love apps that show how magnets work (as an example), we also value students using actual magnets in their hands. we love learning about leaves using apps, but we also love finding leaves in our outdoor garden space.

we aim to find a  healthy balance of leveraging the benefits of all the great technology  available to our students while not using it as our only teaching tool. we believe #learningisfunatbbs, and technology is just one way we  achieve that in our academic program.