this page is designed to quickly answer some questions you may have regarding our annual fund.  if you have a question that is not answered on this page, feel free to contact us and we will answer your question as quickly as possible.

q: what is the annual fund?

a: the annual fund is a tax-deductible opportunity for parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends of brainerd baptist school to contribute to the ongoing academic success of our students. the fund is necessary to provide a level of excellence and innovation that continues to set us apart from other schools in our area. donations to the sustaining fund have helped in the following ways:

  • capital improvements to our classrooms including new carpet, ceilings, lights, paint, white boards, desks
  • creating the best technology program in the city including the addition of ipads, macbooks, promethean boards and elmos
  • raise our financial aid awards by over 500% over the last 4 years. the more money we raise directly affects the number of families we are able to help attend our great school each year.

we strive to offer our students the extras that turn a good education into an excellent education. gifts raised through the annual fund are generally unrestricted, but are targeted to fund specific opportunities that allow our school to teach and maintain a high quality education.

q: why is my participation important?

a: bbs needs every member of our community to make the school a priority for charitable giving by making a gift to the annual fund. when we approach foundations and corporations for grants, they strongly consider the percentage of parental and community support.

q. why must funds be raised beyond tuition?

a. unrestricted gifts to the annual fund enable us to participate in new and exciting initiatives that best serve and benefit our students, faculty and staff. the annual fund has a positive and immediate impact on every aspect of brainerd baptist school from programs and technology enhancements for all students, to capital improvements, and financial aid opportunities.

q. when will i be asked to participate?

a. when you receive your contribution card, you may choose to pledge now and pay later. pledges must be paid before the end of our fiscal year on july 31. you may pay by check, visa, mastercard or american express. we will also accept securities.

q: will even a small gift make an impact?

a: yes! every gift of every size is important to brainerd baptist and to our students. your contribution at any level demonstrates your support of bbs’s efforts on behalf of our students. contributions may vary from $5 to $5,000 or more. we ask each constituent to give as generously as possible. participation demonstrates a broad-based support to the community at large and to the foundations who consider making a contribution to bbs. foundations are very interested in seeing a high level of parent participation in our annual fund. we are striving to get our parent participation to 100%.

q:what is a matching gift?

a: many companies and corporations have matching gifts programs. a listing of companies who actively participate in the matching gifts programs can be viewed by clicking here. please check the list to confirm that you can take advantage of a matching gift. if your employer is not listed, please check with them to see if they might be willing to participate. companies and corporations who offer matching gifts will provide necessary forms to initiate and complete the matching gift.

q:what is a stock gift?

a. we welcome gifts of common stock, and stock can be donated at any time. with stock gifts, the donor receives the fair market value of appreciated securities at the time the gift is made, while avoiding capital gains tax in the appreciated value of the stock.

thank you for supporting the mission of brainerd baptist school.