school news

december 5 - december 11 

december 10 - “share your christmas” canned food drive deadline

december 16 - “share your christmas” civilian day for participants 

december 17 - ½ day of school

december 18-january 4 - christmas break

january 5 - school resumes 

“share your christmas” canned food drive

thank you, to everyone that is participating in the canned food drive.  the deadline to donate is thursday, december 10.  students that donate 5 cans or more will receive a civilian day on wednesday, december 16.

½ day dismissal times for thursday, december 17:

k3 & k4 will dismiss following their Christmas parties.

k5 dismisses at 11:15

1st -  5th dismiss at 11:30

students staying for after school care must bring a noncarbonated drink and lunch.

bbs dress code reminder

jackets: • any jacket is allowed for outside wear. • only plain navy, gray, chambray (light) blue, royal blue or black jackets may be worn in class. • no non-bbs logos larger than a credit card.

please remember to label all jackets, coats, sweaters and sweatshirts.  labeled items will be returned to their owner. 

financial scholarship information for the 2021-2022 school year is now available on our website.

first grade overview

december 7, 2020

bible: our next bible memory test will be on monday, december 7. “trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” proverbs 3:5-6 

language arts:
phonics: we will work on compound words, suffixes -less -ness -ly, and digraphs -ai, and -ay.

assessment: test friday, december 11th

**assessments cover the information on worksheets your child has brought home for homework from the previous week.

spelling: the list goes home every monday in the homework folder on the take home side. our practice test is on wednesday. spellingcity can be accessed through the clever app for spelling word practice. 

test over list 11 is on december 11th. 

she, too, keep, same, more, we’ll, shack, went, tablet, brushing, their, goes

  1. the deck is next to their pool. 2. the fish had a hook stuck in its gill. 

**sentences are not on spellingcity. please practice at home using capitals and punctuation. 

foundations and frameworks: 

retelling - students will need to know and be able to apply the pattern statement, process questions, and vocabulary by december 15th and 16th. 

pattern statement: oral restating requires organizing one’s thoughts.

process questions: 

  1. who was in the story? 

  2. what happened in the story? in what order did it happen?

  3. how can the story be retold, pretending the listener has never heard or read the story?

  4. what distracting details can be left out?

  5. how/where can expression be used?

visual tool: flow chart

we will cover, and the children will need to be able to show, meaning for the following vocabulary:

fetch, nervous, spending, lost, boast, complain, strange, bravely

math: this week in math we will be paying using dimes and pennies, using the $ symbol, dividing shapes into halves, and subtracting 2. 
assessment: test friday, december 11th 

**assessments cover the information on worksheets your child has brought home for homework from the previous week.

science and social studies: we will be continuing a unit study on christmas and discussions on the holidays around the world. 

students will recite the “the ornament poem” by friday, december 11th. this poem will be in your child’s tuesday folder.

“the ornament poem”

the funniest face looked 

out at me,

from a silver ball

on the christmas tree!

at first i thought it was

santa’s elf,

but i looked again and 

it was just myself!


  1. backpacks for the homeless are due by friday, december 11th. 

  2. canned food drive for the chattanooga area food bank has begun! 5 cans turned in earns your child a civilian day and an “ornament” for our class tree. 15 cans = angel for our tree. 

  3. please label your child’s outerwear and water bottles to ensure items make it back home. 

  4. please remember that 5 tardies = 1 absence. 

  5. please allow your child to read to you each night for 10-15 minutes. 

  6. homework nights are monday, tuesday, and thursday. homework should be completed and sent back the next day. homework returned on time is a “grade” on the report card. 

  7. ar shirts may be worn every wednesday with uniform bottoms.

  8. login information has been provided for prodigy (math) and your child’s qr code to take ar tests from home and work on these apps are free and optional for use at home.